Marano® Curve Railings

Marano® Curve railings is an innovative railing system designed to be fully modular. The pre-assembled Ø 54mm aluminium round posts are supplied ready to install.

The system can be fully installed with or without a top rail to provide an economical solution for a post and glass panel design. The aluminium is engineered to meet the requirements of domestic applications. We supply glass panels from stock.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminium & satin anodised finish
  • 2 top rail profile options available
  • Aluminium & satin anodised finish
  • To suit 10mm glass
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor installations
  • Quick, safe & easy installation
  • Tested to 0.74kN at 1.2m posts centres
  • Bottom edge of glass to floor is 90mm
  • Posts available in bolt-down and side-fix
  • If you would like to make your own posts, 6m lengths are available
Glass Installation Video